My Mom the (digital) Photographer

In 1996 Susan was living in Virginia and had just bought her first Macintosh (a G3, I think). She had an Internet connection and email but no web site.

Being the computer geek that I was and wanting to do something for my mom in exchange for the thrilling ride she gave me as a child, I started putting together a web site for her. Not having much in the way of promotional materials I put on my marketing hat and whipped out this bio.

When we first published the web site I can distinctly remember her saying something like: “Horse people will never use the Internet, but if you think it’s a good idea, I’ll send you some pics to post on the site.” The site was an instant success since, back then, it was one of the only sites with more than a few pictures of horses and had very good ranking in the search engines of the day.

I don’t know how much time she spent scanning all those images, but I’m sure it was the better part of a day, maybe two days. At one point I suggested that some day digital cameras would replace film cameras and scanners. She laughed a hearty laugh and said, “I doubt it! I don’t think digital cameras will ever be able to mimic the high quality produced by a really good lens and fine grained film.”

Around 2001, when she moved back to Chicago from Virginia, she also bit the bullet and bought a digital camera. It nearly sunk her financially (and probably a lot of other photographers). She also told me that she wanted to get out of doing horse shows and sell her work through her web site. Chuckling to myself, I agreed that that was a great idea.

We tried and tried to get something going on her web site, but try as we may, it just never materialized, until about a year ago (6 years after buying the digital camera) when she finally started using a shopping cart to sell event pictures on

Over the years, whenever we’d talk about the site, or about digital photography, although sometimes she would get frustrated with the technology, she never gave up. It’s that stick-to-itivness and reluctance to give in to fear that I’ll always remember best about Mom and it’s in that spirit we present this web site.

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